Craft Conference 2024 marked its’ spectacular 10th anniversary this year, drawing in over 2000 attendees from around the globe. With more than 80 speakers, 30 partners, and sessions spread across 7 stages over 2 action-packed days, this year’s conference was nothing short of extraordinary. The atmosphere was electric, filled with the buzz of knowledge sharing, innovative ideas, and meaningful connections. In 2024, we honored a decade of groundbreaking discussions, transformative workshops, and community-building that have not just followed but often anticipated the pulse of the tech world. Join us as we recap Craft 2024, reflecting on a decade of achievements and looking forward to the innovations yet to come in the future.

It all started in 2014

Craft Conference started in 2014 and ever since then it is one of the greatest tech events of the software development community. Founders, Medea Baccifava and Gergely Hodicska (also known as Felhő) dreamt of a place where tech enthusiasts can get together and learn from industry leading experts, meet other developers but fun and entertainment also plays a great part. In the heart of Budapest, Medea Baccifava and Gergely Hodicska turned their vision into reality, launching the first Craft Conference to a resounding success. What began as a gathering for the local tech community quickly grew into an international symposium, attracting attendees from around the globe.

Celebrating 10 years of Craft

Participants had the opportunity to gain deep insights from industry leaders and pioneers. The overall experience was immersive and enriching, offering attendees not just technical knowledge, but also inspiration and a sense of community within the tech world. This year was all about celebrating the 10th anniversary of Craft – in the main sponsor arena, the organizers prepared an exhibition about the history of Craft, which captivated many attendees, showcasing memorable moments, milestones, and the evolution of the conference over the past decade.

Let’s talk about the speakers: this year’s lineup featured an impressive array of over 80 industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators from various tech fields. From renowned CTOs and experienced engineers to cutting-edge researchers, our speakers brought a wealth of knowledge and diverse perspectives. They delivered insightful presentations, engaging workshops, and interactive sessions, covering a wide range of topics.

@crafthubevents After his exciting presentation, we were able to ask a few questions from Gergely Orosz, the writer of The Pragmatic Engineer, one of the world’s most-read newsletters. 👀💬 He shared the main message he wanted to convey, why it was important for him to attend this year’s Craft Conference, and he also talked about one of the hottest topics, the development of AI. 💭 #crafthub #craftconference #event #IT #tech #thepragmaticengineer ♬ eredeti hang – CraftHub

One of our keynote speakers this year was Gergely Orosz, the author of the number one tech newsletter, The Pragmatic Engineer, says the professional lives and career opportunities of software developers globally have changed drastically in the last two years. Orosz talked about the drastic change at Craft Conference in Budapest in his talk titled What’s Old is New Again.

Craft Conference’s amazing sponsors also played a crucial role in making Craft 2024 a resounding success. With the support of 30 dedicated partners, we were able to provide an enriching experience for all attendees. Our sponsors, ranging from industry giants to innovative startups, not only helped to enhance the overall event but also showcased their cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Their interactive booths and engaging presentations added immense value, offering attendees a chance to explore new products, network with key players, and gain insights into the latest industry trends. The collaboration and support from our sponsors were instrumental in creating an unforgettable conference experience.

Craft Conference 2024 was a massive success, filled with inspiring talks, valuable networking opportunities, and unforgettable experiences. From the thought-provoking sessions to the vibrant exhibition areas, every moment was crafted to perfection. As we wrap up this incredible event, we invite you to relive the highlights by watching the aftermovie. And don’t miss out on the next chapter – get ready for Craft 2025! Early bird tickets will go on sale this autumn, so stay tuned and prepare to be part of another groundbreaking tech journey.