A group of high school students won at the crypto hackathon

Nearly 450 young IT developers registered and many teams took their chance to form their ideas into complex projects in Gamerland and online over the weekend.

What is a hackathon exactly and how to win one?

Let us guide you through the hackathon basics. What is it? Why should you join one? And most importantly... how to win one?

From not knowing hackathons to winning one in just a month

An amazing success story of Mehdi Ben Ayed’s who started his journey by participating in a hackathon training in October to winning a €2,500 challenge prize in November!

The international IT world had its eyes on Budapest!

How is one of the world's leading optoelectronics companies using artificial intelligence to pioneer its solutions? What does successful IT product management look like for a start-up and a company…

My first-ever hackathon: Code #LikeABosch 2022

For my first time at a hackathon I was part of the organizer team at Code #LikeABosch hackathon. How can I put it delicately? I couldn’t have gone to a more exciting hackathon.

Why should you attend a leadership and management conference?

Many business professionals are affected by issues connected to management and leadership. Whether you are working your way up the corporate ladder or have a lot of experience managing others, there…

How to Push Your Employees

As a business leader, it is my job to push my employees to be more, do more, and dream more. Understand the fine balance between pushing your team members to fly, and pushing your team members out of…

Top Reasons to Attend Tech Conferences

Although Covid had put the whole world on a pause for a while concerning events and other aspects of life, attending live conferences never gets old. A great way to share ideas, learn from other…

Let’s join the change and make diversity matter

Although there is more and more talk about the role women have in the tech industry, it is still an issue how underrepresented they are in the tech world.

The rise of hybrid hackathons in 2022

Our very last hybrid hackathon in 2021 was JunctionX Budapest, which is memorable for all of us as our first-ever hybrid hackathon after the pandemic era.

CraftHack | From hackathon ideas to pitching in front of big-tech investors

In 48 hours, 36 amazing projects were born again by 281 registered participants at this year’s CraftHack hybrid hackathon.

My Report About The Craft Conf 2022 Software Development Conference

The Craft Conf 2022 just ended a few days ago which was the first-ever offline conference I have attended. In this article, I will share the experiences I have collected at the conference. I went to…

Why Am I Attending The Craft Conf 2022 Software Development Conference?

Why am I attending Craft Conference? Not only can I spend 2 days with my colleagues and friends but I can also learn from the best in software engineering. Amazing lineup, many experts in the…

Interview with the winner team of Hack&Heal 2022!

The winner team, who came all the way from Debrecen, created an application helping the victims of war. This project was not only enough to convince the EPAM jury, but they also impressed the other…

The impact of Hack&Heal 2022!

A hackathon where all the competitors worked for a healthier world. Not surprisingly, it is one of the favourite events for the CraftHub hackathon team to organize.

CraftHub hackathons in 2021 – Part 2

264 hours of hackathons, >1000 registered competitors - get to know the CraftHub’s competitions from 2021 - part 1

CraftHub hackathons in 2021 – Part 1

264 hours of hackathons, >1000 registered competitors - get to know the CraftHub’s competitions from 2021 - part 1

Data science notebook life-hacks I learned from Ploomber

Get to know some awesome ideas from Eduardo Blancas and his project, called Ploomber on how to do better data science projects and how to use and create Jupyter notebooks wisely, even in production.

Getting to know data visualization tools: a Bokeh dashboard from a Kaggle challenge leaderboard

as you dive into the world of data visualization tools, you’ll probably encounter python’s Bokeh library. Bokeh provides a great deal of interactivity while one can still code in their familiar…

JunctionX back in Budapest in 2021

JunctionX, which has become one of the most popular hackathons in the international professional community in recent years, returned to Budapest from 22 to 24 October.

How To Improve Your Soft Skills And Become A Better Leader

Leadership soft skills make or break your career as you transition into engineering management. Many engineering leaders give up and turn back, while others succeed. Many of us think the successful…

What Can We Learn from Famous Leadership Quotes?

Leadership is all about continuous learning. I really like quotes as they are a great reminder of best practices, awesome inspirational tools, and also very useful building blocks in learning. In…

Don’t rule over chaos! Dance with it!

It is exciting and challenging when the complexity of a company is  increasing rapidly. With more and more complex clients, you have to collaborate with more and more people to succeed. This constant…

Behind the scenes of Craft Conference

Craft Conference: star-speakers at the Hungarian tech festival

The hungarian based tech conference was waiting for its attendees with exciting talks from top-notch speakers coming from all over the world, with Dj and fun evening activities. It is not a hidden…

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