Craft Conference proudly approaches a remarkable milestone in 2024 – its 10th anniversary. Since its kickoff in 2014, Craft Conference has been a beacon of knowledge, a hub where the brightest minds in technology converge to share, inspire, and shape the future. In 2024, we honor a decade of groundbreaking discussions, transformative workshops, and community-building that have not just followed but often anticipated the pulse of the tech world. Join us as we celebrate this momentous occasion, reflecting on a decade of achievements and looking forward to the innovations yet to come at Craft Conference 2024.

It all started in 2014

Craft Conference started in 2014 and ever since then it is one of the greatest tech events of the software development community. Founders, Medea Baccifava and Gergely Hodicska (also known as Felhő) dreamt of a place where tech enthusiasts can get together and learn from industry leading experts, meet other developers but fun and entertainment also plays a great part.

In the heart of Budapest, Medea Baccifava and Gergely Hodicska turned their vision into reality, launching the first Craft Conference to a resounding success. What began as a gathering for the local tech community quickly grew into an international symposium, attracting attendees from around the globe. Each year, the conference has meticulously curated an array of speakers – visionaries from companies like Google and Netflix – ensuring that each presentation, panel, and workshop resonates with the pulse of current tech trends and future-forward thinking.

“In 2012, Prezi and Ustream (later IBM Budapest Lab) decided to create international conferences in Budapest, which at that time did not exist in Hungary” – says Medea Baccifava. “After the success of MLOC.JS and Stretch Leadership & Management conferences that we have organized together, Felhő suggested a new conference, but this time a multi-stage one. He dreamed about many stages, and as the first shot, we started with three.”

Gergely Hodicska liked the more niche events that they organized, but on the other hand, he was curious about many other different topics as well. “I wanted to organize a conference where we don’t have such a constraint, and we can include many-many different topics, which meant we would need multiple stages.”

Over 15,000 attendees 

The growth of Craft Conference is a testament to its impact and the insatiable curiosity of the tech community. Starting with a robust 900 attendees in its inaugural year, the conference has doubled in size, boasting an impressive 2200 participants in 2019 alone. Over the past decade, Craft Conference has welcomed over 15,000 attendees through its doors. This remarkable figure speaks volumes about the event’s standing as a must-attend date on the tech calendar, a place where professionals from varied backgrounds and skill levels come together to form an ever-expanding family united by a shared passion for technology.

“Craft has become an unmissable developer conference in Europe for engineers” – said Medea Baccifava, founder. “It also kept its vibe and slowly turned into an experience next to a great place to learn. We moved it to the Hungarian Railway Museum, which decorated the venue with 100+ years old locomotives and included fun activities like riding a mini train during the breaks.”

As the conference evolved, it became a crucible for innovation and learning. With a unique blend of professional development and immersive experiences, Craft Conference cemented its reputation as more than just a conference; it became a festival celebrating the art and science of software craft. From its interactive sessions that foster skill enhancement to its vibrant after-hours networking, the conference strikes a perfect balance between the intensity of knowledge exchange and the light-heartedness of communal joy, truly embodying the spirit of ‘craft’ in every aspect.

What can you expect in 2024?

Embarking on a nostalgic yet forward-thinking journey, Craft Conference 2024 invites you to ‘Back to the Future’ – a celebration and re-examination of the most pivotal tech topics from the past decade that continue to shape our digital landscape. As we delve into discussions that have stood the test of time, we’ll rekindle conversations that sparked innovation and scrutinize their evolution to inform our future steps. Expect a fusion of retrospection and prognostication, where past insights meet modern-day relevance, offering a unique platform for learning, growth, and inspiration in the ever-dynamic realm of technology.

In 2024, we’re setting the stage for our biggest gathering yet, anticipating over 2000 attendees and welcoming more than 70 esteemed speakers. This convergence of curious minds and leading voices will create an unparalleled atmosphere of collaboration and learning, marking Craft Conference’s 10-year anniversary as the most memorable one to date!

Check out our 2024 lineup – we are constantly announcing new speakers!