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CraftHub is an IT event management company with a diverse portfolio of conferences, hackathons, developer competitions, workshops both online and offline. A spin-off and reimagination of the Tech Budapest conferences founded by Prezi & IBM Budapest Labs (formerly Ustream).

Compass Tech Summit gives home to 5 tech conferences. In 2023, Amuse, Stretch, Reinforce, Crunch and Impact are going to be organized at the same time and in the same venue. It will cover topics like engineering leadership, AI, ML, data, UX/UI and product management.

A sprint-like event where participants team up and create solutions to different topics or challenges in an intense period of time, usually in 24-48 hours. Using creativity, technology, and mentoring, the event results in prototypes, new concepts, and innovation. The exact challenges or open-topics (depending on the hackathon) are usually provided by multiple sponsors, who deal with real-world issues and are open to fresh solutions, but we also provide one-sponsor hackathons as well. After the live pitches, the jury selects a grand winner, the audience picks their favorite and the challenge / open-topic winners are rewarded by the sponsors.

Developer competitions are usually two-round contests where the best competitors are selected in a qualifying round (usually online) and are invited to the final (usually offline) round where they are required to solve one challenge. These custom events require higher-level and sometimes specific programming skills compared to hackathons and are usually provided by only one sponsor. However, there are also options for multi-sponsored developer competitions. Usually, the top 3 teams are rewarded by the sponsor.

A 2-4 days long event where we bring together world-leading experts around a specific topic, creating a platform for discourse, innovation, and network. These few days include stand-alone workshop days, conference days with many talks from the speakers, and other networking program opportunities.

  • Hybrid hackathons mean participants can choose to join the competition in person at the venue or fully online. Online and offline participants both count as full-fledged contestants and have the same opportunities during the event.
  • Hybrid conferences give the attendees two ways of participating in the talks and programs. Participants can join online through live streams or in-person depending on the ticket they choose to purchase.

(Our events can be fully online, entirely offline, or in a hybrid format. These are always marked on their specific website.)

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Other hackathons:

As Hungary’s leading hackathon organizer company, we believe there are always new innovative ways and solutions to solve certain problems. Hackathons provide both an opportunity for ambitious young people to support important areas with innovative ideas and for large companies to get to know the talented individuals that will build our future.

Participation in hackathons provide competitors several advantages:

  • opportunities to improve in their own professional fields (eg. engineering, designing, or business areas)
  • networking opportunities (among like-minded peers and with our corporate partners)
  • valuable prizes (usually worth thousands of euros)
  • free food, drinks, accommodation and entertainment for a weekend

Partners get the chance to:

  • get to know promising teams and projects that can be included in their portfolio
  • execute employer branding amongst young talented individuals

You can expect a dynamic, fun atmosphere, with a youthful team of organizers and participants who all want to improve themselves while having fun thanks to the various fun activities. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided and you can also sleep in comfortable beanbags on site giving you the chance to stay at the venu 24/7. During the event, you can expect table soccer competitions, small giveaways, even yoga classes, but professional mentoring sessions are also continuously held. At the end of the competition, teams are ready to pitch their projects developed over the weekend and several teams will take home huge prizes.

Besides learning from the bests to help your carrieer and your business you can meet other like-minded people. Networking is a key factor at conferences as many people in one specific area come to discuss the latest trends and share their great experience. All of the speakers are finely selected by an expert team to bring you all the hot topics in the field of technology and leadership.

Our conferences generally start early afternoon and ends in the evening. During that time you can listen to many speakers sharing their experience, stories and knowledge in their own craft. Between each talk the participants have a little break where they can rest, network, eat or have a coffee before the upcoming speaker. It is important for us that we offer a place where you can get to know each other as a result during the breaks and the evening we have different networking programs at the conference. That is why conferences are the perfect places where fun and learning meets.

Thanks to the adavanced technology and the pandemic our events are available online, in-person and in a hybrid format. That means you can participate our conferences from all over the world either you live in Budapest or not.

We have multiple sponsors when it comes to organizing our events. What makes it so special and benefitical for them is that they can meet people who are eager to learn, grow and innovate. Hackathons are a great place to encounter young talents who are motivated to come up with innovative solutions and make an impact early on in their career. As for conferences, many experts in a specific field come together to discuss trends, topics that are up-to-date which means our partners can be part of these discussions, and meet people highly intrested in these areas.

We have multi-sponsored events as well as custom events, thus we are always happy to discuss sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested, check our Sponsorship subpage or drop us a line at