Code #LikeABosch 2023: Breaking Records

When the clock ticks down from 48 hours to just 24, you might think the pressure would be unbearable. But for the young and ambitious participants at the third edition of Code #LikeABosch, it was just another opportunity to shine. Organized by Bosch Hungary and CraftHub in Budapest, this event was more than just a hackathon—it was an example of the potential of young minds. Against the pressure of a shorter timeframe, a record-breaking number of participants not only registered but also showed up in person and online, bringing the most electrifying ideas to life in both the software and hardware territories. 

Code #LikeABosch group picture

Rising to the Challenge:

Transitioning from a 48-hour format to a condensed 24-hour timeline might have deterred some, but not the enthusiastic participants of Code #LikeABosch 2023. This shift brought an added layer of excitement. The ticking clock became both a challenge and a motivator, pushing these young innovators to think fast, work efficiently, and produce solutions of exceptional quality. The astounding number of projects submitted—64 in total—in such a brief period speaks volumes about their dedication and success, as well as the record number of the 553 registrations, and the 3 winning teams taking home all together 11000 €!

The Youthful Spark:

A noteworthy aspect of Code #LikeABosch 2023 was the age demographic of its participants. With an average age of just 22, these young creators brought a fresh perspective, vibrant energy, and a daring approach to both traditional and novel problems. Their solutions were not just technical bravado; they were a reflection of how the next generation views the world and the solutions they envision for it. 

Take the grand winner team, ALSET, for instance. Their project on an Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) system for self-driving cars aimed to revolutionize road safety, highlighting the importance of accident prevention and damage minimization. Or consider the winners of the software challenge, Crash #LikeABosch, who turned a simple camera into a potent tool for road safety, making advanced collision avoidance accessible even to less expensive vehicles. Not to be left behind, the hardware challenge victors, Project FÚRfang, reimagined drills, integrating IoT tech for enhanced functionality and user experience.

These young minds, with their out-of-the-box thinking, not only showcased their expertise but also set the tone for future technological advancements.

Code #LikeABosch team

A Blend of Innovation and Recreation

Gamerland provided more than just a venue for Code #LikeABosch 2023—it added an element of fun and relaxation to the intense hours of coding and building. While some might see a hackathon as all work and no play, this couldn’t be further from the truth here.

When participants needed a brief respite from their screens and workstations, they could challenge a teammate to a round of table football, try their hand at air hockey, or even show off their Guitar Hero skills. These recreational options offered a perfect blend of work and relaxation, ensuring that the participants remained refreshed and energized. In a way, it was a gentle reminder that innovation thrives not just from hard work, but also from moments of leisure and play.

Code #LikeABosch recreation

Future Innovations

Code #LikeABosch 2023 was more than just an event—it was an embodiment of ambition, innovation, and collaborative spirit. In just 24 hours, Budapest became a melting pot of cutting-edge ideas and transformative solutions, setting new standards for hackathons in Hungary. This event, with its record-breaking participation, showcased that when given the right platform and support, young minds can indeed achieve greatness. As we reflect on the successes and the electrifying energy of this hackathon, we’re reminded of the incredible potential that lies in innovation and collaboration. The future is bright with anticipation for the next wave of CraftHub hackathons. Get ready to be inspired all over again!