Craft Conference 2023: A Recap of the Best Software Development Event

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A must attend tech event in every year

Craft Conference started in 2014 and ever since then it is one of the greatest tech events of the software development community. Medea Baccifava and Gergely Hodicska dreamt of a place where tech enthusiasts can get together and learn from industry leading experts, meet other developers but fun and entertainment also plays a great part.

Tech conferences like Craft offer key opportunities for professionals in the software development industry. No matter if you work as a developer, engineer, or you are a technology enthusiast, these events provide platforms for networking, knowledge sharing, and building strategic partnerships that can elevate your career to the next level.

If you missed Craft Conference 2023, be sure to attend the next tech conference in autumn, Compass Tech Summit in Budapest combines topics like AI, UX/UI, Data, Engineering Leadership and Product Development.

Highlights of Craft Conference 2023

The significance of Craft cannot be overstated. It served as a melting pot of ideas, industry experts, discussions and discovery of emerging technologies that are crucial for the future of software development.

Attendees had access to a diverse range of talks, workshops, and pre-event meetups covering various aspects of the industry such as: AI, cybersecurity, DevOps, Lean Software Development, or Team Topologies.

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Collaboration AI and Humans

One of the most pressing questions in today’s tech industry is AI. It doesn’t come as a surprise that some of the speakers addressed this phenomenon. Frank Chen, Senior Software Engineer at Slack, who delved into the integration of large language models and generative AI agents into work processes. He highlighted the benefits of natural language interactions with AI-powered agents and discussed how this collaboration can be achieved while keeping humans in the loop.

Teaching tech leaders

There is one topic that can not be discussed enough: tech leadership.

Patrick Kua, CTO and Tech Lead Trainer shared his personal mission to accelerate the growth of leaders in the tech industry through teaching, coaching, and mentoring. He provided insights on how individuals in various roles, including individual contributors, leaders, and managers, can increase their impact.

Unveiling the Next Generation of Cloud Native

Katie Gamanji, Senior Kubernetes Field Engineer at Apple, talked about how Kubernetes has become the standard for container orchestration and shaping application deployment in distributed environments. She emphasized the main principles that define the identity of the next generation of cloud native practitioners, focusing on interoperability, inclusivity, and a culture of change and education.

crafthack hackathon

Innovative ideas & groundbreaking solutions

This year, Craft Conference was held together with CraftHack hackathon where young talents worked on challenges given by professional partners. The competitors had to come up with innovative solutions within 24 hours and had to pitch them to the jury and potentially experts in the Craft audience. The grand winners ended up winning 3000 euros with their project that has the potential to transform the future of healthcare.

1900+ attendees, almost 80 speakers and 30+ partners

Last but not least, a huge shoutout to everyone who joined Craft Conference 2023! See you next year, but until then, do not forget about the next tech event in autumn, Compass Tech Summit.