Let’s join the change and make diversity matter


Although there is more and more talk about the role women have in the tech industry, it is still an issue how underrepresented they are in the tech world.


Diversity is one of the most crucial topics in the world of technology. We might assume that an area that is growing so fast is also keeping up with the problems our world is facing. Unfortunately, studies have shown that women are still underrepresented, in some cases underpaid or even discriminated against in the industry.


A core problem is representation gap


The main causes of the situation concerning women in tech is a never-ending conversation (read more about them here) but we think one of the key factors is the representation gap.


It is definitely a challenge to show one’s ability to succeed if they do not have the chance to make an appearance. The lack of representation of women in tech leads to limits as for their chances to have the same opportunities as men.


Only 24% of the the jobs related to computing are held by women


Moreover, because of the lack of representation, salary gaps and other contributing factors, women working in the tech industry leave at a 45% higher rate than men.


What can be done?


On the bright side, it is safe to say that more and more companies put emphasis on gender parity and diversity. Many industries such as engineering, product management and other fast-growing fields realize that there is an increasing need for a change.


That is why CraftHub has a mission to be part of this change by creating opportunities at their tech events for women to attend and have the same opportunities for learning and networking. 


Not only do they organize tech events in the heart of Hungary, Budapest but they are also looking for possibilities and partners for their Diversity Programs. With these special programs, people can apply by filling out the given form and after the application period numerous applicants get the chance to join the conferences in person for free and or enjoy them online.


Be part of the program


CraftHub organizes three conferences this autumn in the topics of data science and product management and UX/UI,


This time balsamiq partnered up with the organizers and created Crunch/Amuse/Impact Diversity Programme where 10 in-person tickets and 20 online tickets are going to be granted for the applicants who apply by filling out the form.


CLICK TO FILL OUT THE FORM: https://bit.ly/3R3ZOxR