Welcome to the future of technology! This fall, Budapest became the epicenter of technological innovation as the first-ever Compass Tech Summit 2023 took the stage. CraftHub brought together a unique 5-in-1 tech conference that promises to be an enlightening journey for tech enthusiasts, professionals, and leaders alike.

What is Compass Tech Summit? 

More than 1300 attendees, over 70 speakers, 6 stages and 2 days – this was the first Compass Tech Summit in 2023. It’s a remarkable festival-like 5-in-1 tech conference, encompassing topics such as engineering leadership, AI, product management, UX, and data engineering, all in the heart of Budapest, at a very historic location, the Hungarian Railway Museum. 

For the first time, CraftHub has merged five of its prominent conferences – Stretch Engineering Leadership Conference, Reinforce AI Conference, Amuse UX/UI Conference, Crunch Data Conference, and Impact Product Management Conference –  some of which have been around for over ten years – to create Compass Tech Summit, one of the biggest tech events in Central Europe this fall. This way, two major conferences will be organized by CraftHub – one in the spring, Craft Conference, and one in the fall, Compass Tech Summit.

5-in-1 conference

At the heart of Compass Tech Summit lies a remarkable combination of five specialized conferences, each a leader in its own right, brought together to offer a comprehensive and diverse tech experience.

Stretch Engineering Leadership Conference: Renowned for its focus on cultivating engineering leaders, this track offers insights into driving innovation and building high-performing teams in the tech sector.

Reinforce AI Conference: A pivotal gathering for AI enthusiasts, this track dives deep into the latest advancements and real-world applications of artificial intelligence, featuring talks by some of the brightest minds in the field.

Amuse UX/UI Conference: Dedicated to the art and science of user experience, this track attracts UX and UI professionals from around the globe, offering a wealth of knowledge on creating user-centric digital experiences.

Crunch Data Conference: A haven for data professionals, this track explores the transformative power of data analytics and its impact on business strategy and decision-making.

Impact Product Management Conference: Tailored for product managers and enthusiasts, this track focuses on the end-to-end process of product management, from ideation to market launch, providing practical strategies for product success.

Coming together

Each of these conferences has established a strong reputation for excellence and innovation in its respective field. By bringing them together under the umbrella of Compass Tech Summit, CraftHub offers attendees an unprecedented opportunity to explore a wide spectrum of tech disciplines, all in one dynamic event.

“The 5-in-1 concept is not only a unique opportunity for the attendees, but also represents a new, exciting challenge for CraftHub as the organizers,” says Károly Varga, CEO of CraftHub. “We envision Compass Tech Summit to become as monumental as our flagship event, Craft Conference. It will serve as the fall equivalent, allowing tech enthusiasts to partake in the biggest events of the tech community year-round.”

“Compass Tech Summit helps you to navigate and create business-proven products” says Médea Baccifava, founder.  “We wanted to create a conference, where you can actually learn all the important tools of this ecosystem.”

The integration of diverse tech conferences under the Compass Tech Summit banner represents a visionary step in fostering a holistic understanding of technology. In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, innovation often emerges at the intersection of different disciplines. By bringing five conferences under one roof, specializing in engineering leadership, AI, UX/UI, data, and product management, Compass Tech Summit offers a unique platform for attendees to broaden their horizons beyond their specialized fields. 

Speakers enjoyed it

“So many things that we do research on are connected, we can’t look at them in isolation” says Konstantin Klemmer, Postdoctoral Researcher at Microsoft, who was one of the speakers on the Reinforce stage. He is not the only speaker who applauded the concept. “The hallway conversations that will happen as a result will be really great – if someone came for a UX talk, they can speak to engineers and project managers and attendees working on AI, and that’s really great” added Amuse stage speaker Mustafa Kurtuldu, Staff Product Designer at Meta.

This multidisciplinary approach encourages the cross-pollination of ideas, fostering an environment where insights from one domain can inspire breakthroughs in another. For professionals and enthusiasts alike, the opportunity to delve into varied aspects of technology not only enriches their knowledge base but also equips them with a more comprehensive understanding of how these diverse fields interconnect and drive the tech industry forward.

The Next Big Thing

After the massive success of the first-ever Compass Tech Summit, it’s safe to say that we can call this type of conference the next big phenomenon in Central Europe. Attendees, speakers, and sponsors were also on the same page about the importance and effectiveness of the conference. They were most excited about different areas of tech coming together, sharing ideas and approaches, and working together to find solutions, but most importantly – understanding each other even better. In essence, Compass Tech Summit is more than just a conference; it’s a melting pot of ideas and innovations, setting the stage for future collaborations and advancements across the tech spectrum.

CraftHub is very excited to announce that Compass Tech Summit will be back in 2024, to create an even bigger impact – can’t wait to meet you there!